The Power of Writing It Down

The Power of Writing It Down

This book helps readers achieve their potential by imagining the creative joy of life and writing it down on paper. Another benefit is it reveals the therapeutic capabilities of writing. Many of us keep far too much information in our heads that block our abilities to cope with day-to-day life and create the life we desire.

A Friend Indeed

A Friend Indeed

This book is meant for the layperson to use in understanding grief in their family and friend relationships. It is an excellent source for guidance and comfort to aid in your self-care as well as the empathetic responses you wish to convey to your friends and family members in a time of grief and sorrow. Great stuff for anyone to become a better person of support for their friends.

No Longer Akward Book Cover

No Longer Awkward

Amy has provided us with a toolkit to assist our clients and families with coping and overcoming grief. This book is a repository of wonderful tools, scripts, and other education that most financial advisors lack in the area of grief and bereavement response. Too often we resort to rote and mundane comments such as “You’ll get through this” or “I’m sorry for your loss” when you actually want to make a heartfelt comment that will truly assist your client/friend in coping with the reality of forced change.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

This book has a title that is misleading. After reading this book, you will more clearly understand how to live a life more fulfilling! No one has been on their deathbed and wished “he had worked more at the office” or “wished that she had spent less time with the kids.” Life is what you make it. Author Ware transforms your thinking from the life of busyness you currently experience to a life of honesty with your thoughts and actions aligned. Don’t be like the masses and simply allow your life to pass without enjoying significant happiness. This book will provide you the background and information needed to truly … Live a Life by Design!

Soul Sense cover

Soul Sense

This simple, yet powerful read will help anyone find their center and seek life from a more balanced standpoint. During the pandemic of 2020, this book was instrumental in helping me stay focused, more engaged, and thoughtful toward others … and myself! Highly recommend everyone read this book to help you live a more fulfilling life.

The Riches of This Land

A vivid character-driven narrative, fused with important new economic and political reporting and research, that busts the myths about middle-class decline and points the way to its revival. For over a decade, Jim Tankersley has been on a journey to understand what the hell happened to the world’s greatest middle-class success story — the post-World-War-II […]

The Seasons of Life

This book gives the reader the helpful and hopeful mindset to build a great year and harvest a world of positive change, realize success and thrive during the seasons of life

The Power of Your Potential

This easy read is so empowering you shouldn’t read it if you are not desiring to grow! Maxwell does a phenomenal job in simply capturing the potential of each of us and helping us to realize our bigger future. You will learn more about yourself than you currently know and will gain insight into methods of discovering even greater talents, capabilities and resources you hold within. Change your life by changing your thoughts about yourself.

Horse Sense. Street Smarts.

A common sense collection of quotes about business and life Don W. Hodges, a prominent Dallas businessman, has been a collector for more than 40 years. But his collection is not headed to a museum, because Hodges collected wit, wisdom, and plain old horse sense in the form of quotations… from the famous to ordinary […]

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

What the Most Effective People Do Differently Offers those who continually run into stumbling blocks when it comes to personal success five connecting principles and five connecting practices that the author believes are the keys to creating the change and results you seek. While it may seem like some folks are just born with a […]