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Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Gain the Mindset and Skillset for Getting What You Need to Succeed

The co-author of the phenomenal New York Times bestselling classic The One Minute Manager® explores the skills needed to become an effective self leader in this essential work, now updated throughout.

Just as Ken Blanchard’s phenomenal bestselling classic The One Minute Manager gives leaders the three secrets to managing others, so this follow-up book gives people the three secrets to managing themselves. In Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager, readers will learn that accepting personal responsibility for their own success leads to power, freedom, and autonomy.

Through a captivating business parable, Ken Blanchard and coauthors Susan Fowler and Laurence Hawkins show readers how to apply the world-renowned Situational Leadership® II method to their own development. The story centers on Steve, a young advertising executive who is about to lose his job. Through a series of talks with a One Minute Manager protégé named Cayla, Steve learns the three secrets of self leadership. His newfound skills not only empower Steve to keep his job, but also show him how to ditch his victim mentality to continue growing, learning, and achieving.

For decades, millions of managers in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses around the world have followed Ken Blanchard’s management methods to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. Now, this newly revised edition of Self Leadership and the One Minute Managerempowers people at every level of the organization to achieve success.

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

In typical Ken Blanchard fashion, a fictional story is used to drive home the major points. This book helped me transform my thought processes to achieve control of my own thoughts before attempting to influence others. Success is defined in your own terms and Blanchard and co-authors point out the easily implemented strategies to achieve a greater awareness of your current status and to grow from that point