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  • Psychology Beats Economics

    Psychology Beats Economics

    All of us remember the childhood story, and related lessons, of the Tortoise and the Hare. The moral of the story is one that is applicable to people of any age. Start moving and keep a steady pace toward your goal is the virtue of the fable.  It sounds a little too simple, but we…

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  • How to Accumulate Your Most Precious Asset

    How to Accumulate Your Most Precious Asset

    What is it in life that is most valuable to each of us, yet we cannot touch it or save it? Time. To provide a value for time ask anyone who has suffered an illness and expired before reaching age 70. Time is the most important commodity in life and many of us utilize it…

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  • The Biggest Obstacle to Retirement Success

    The Biggest Obstacle to Retirement Success

    What is it that causes humans to avoid the unknown and become complacent with the familiar?  As children we would explore caves, old homes and lands that piqued our interests.  As adults we assume a mindset of comfort and do so at our own peril.   As it relates to retirement planning success, too many…

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  • Timeline to Retiring with Confidence

    Timeline to Retiring with Confidence

    When should I retire?  When should I claim Social Security benefits?  How will I afford health insurance in retirement?  Do I have sufficient assets to support me in retirement? These questions are the primary concerns of individuals considering retirement.  The truth about the answers to these questions lies in the person’s facts and circumstances.  Everyone…

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