We recently had Jimmy speak at our Ultimate Advisor Mastermind group. This elite group of top performing advisors were mesmerized by the timely and uplifting talk Jimmy gave. It was so heart felt and really set the tone for the day. We heard rave reviews of how his comments made everyone think a little different and that kindness and compassion are critical in today’s chaotic world.

—Bryan Sweet, Sweet Financial

The presenter was genuine, funny and presented ethics in a manner I believe and live by.

—2018 AICPA Ethics Webinar Course

The speaker’s extensive knowledge of the ethics standards and conduct was  what I liked best!

—2018 AICPA Ethics Webinar Course

The speaker did a very good job!  He made the topic very interesting.

—2018 AICPA Ethics Webinar Course

Jimmy Williams, CPA/PFS, CFP®, MT, is one of the most entertaining and yet informative CPE speakers out there. He has a gift at being able to get information across to attendees in an interactive and often very humorous fashion. No one falls asleep in one of Jimmy’s sessions!

Jimmy has spoken at a number of our conferences, including our Annual Members Meeting, Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference, Tax Institute, Financial Planning Conference, Oil & Gas Conference, and Multiple Industry Conferences. He has also taught a number of our Ethics seminars. Year after year and regardless of the audience, Jimmy receives some of our highest speaker ratings.

As an expert on Ethics and Financial Planning topics, Jimmy is a fantastic speaker and comes highly recommended. Beyond that, Jimmy is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet; he’s absolutely wonderful to work with for each event. We are very thankful that he’s local to Oklahoma so that our audience can enjoy his sessions frequently.

—Michelle Sopp, Director of Continuing Professional Education, Oklahoma Society of CPAs

On behalf of the Florida Institute of CPAs, [I thank Jimmy Williams] for [his] participation as a speaker at the 2015 Mega CPE Conference. [His] presentation contributed greatly towards our goal of providing quality and informative programs to our members.

—Trevor Maddox, CPE Conference Manager, Florida Institute of CPAs

Mr. Jimmy Williams, CPA, PFS, CFP®, is a long-time presenter for the Oklahoma Society fo CPAs for ethics and financial planning courses; he always receives high marks from attendees. His presentations are humorous, lively and relatable. Jimmy does an excellent job of engaging his audience to his topic and giving them information they can apply immediately. His humorous approach makes it enjoyable, and more than just a class.

As CPE staff, Jimmy is always wonderful to work with. He truly cares about the work he does and those with whom he works. Being a CPA and financial planner is not just a job or career to Jimmy, it is his passion. He loves to help people and see them succeed. Jimmy will bring a fun-filled learning environment to your group and leave your attendees wanting more.

—Lacey Trent, CPE Manager, Oklahoma Society of CPAs

Jimmy Williams on Ethics was Outstanding. Could listen to him all day!

—2013 Governmental A&A Conference attendee

This was the most interesting ethics session I have ever attended!

—2014 Fall Oklahoma Society of CPAs Industry Conference attendee