About Live A Life By Design

The 5-step process that became Live a Life by Design was developed by Jimmy and his team to address the continued sacrifice of individuals and clients when it came to living life to its fullest. Many people fail to experience all that they desire in life due to limiting beliefs, negative people in their lives, lack of vision, lack of clarity of their current strengths and resources and lack of knowledge in the proper process to overcome their challenges.

Through our webinars, coaching, podcasts, books, and blog, you will find a wealth of information that is not only useful but empowering! By purposely focusing on the development of the unique individual, each participant in the process has become a better person, by their own definition. No longer bound by negativity, with eyes open to the tremendous possibilities that cross your path, you, too, will benefit from this proven strategy of self-reliance for dream realization.

Lastly, you will experience the in-depth, detailed strategies that help you structure a team to support your design for life and realize your potential. This last phase of the process is one that continues to build personal confidence and self-esteem to validate you as the person you wish to be.