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Leading an Inspired Life

This influential book contains the foundational principles that anyone can learn to achieve success in both business and in life. A beautiful 460-page hardcover book, it’s a compendium of the very best of Jim Rohn’s philosophies and makes an attractive and appreciated gift for any occasion. Jim Rohn was the most uniquely profound communicator and success philosopher of our time. He was hailed by many as a modern-day Will Rogers, a gifted storyteller with dynamic delivery and thought-provoking substance. His wit and wisdom made him a key influence on an entire generation of personal development trainers and achievers worldwide. This unprecedented anthology brings you the very best of Jim Rohn, revealing his most priceless insights. If you’re committed to your career, if you’re serious about becoming wiser, smarter, healthier and wealthier, you absolutely must own this indispensable book.

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

This book, authored by one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, will serve as a roadmap to anyone who wishes to live a more abundant, liberating lifestyle. For me, the focus on personal development, discipline, goal-setting, leadership and communication are the true focal points that I have integrated into my life. Jim’s conversational style of writing allows you to cover the book’s content in a rather quick manner. Don’t forget to take notes, highlight, dog-ear, or whatever is necessary to retain this treasure of motivational guidance