Soul Sense

Your Breakthrough To Soul-Full Living and Leadership

Through the hundreds of people Adrienne Duffy has guided toward the realization of their full potential, and in the hundreds of workshops she has facilitated, one message has emerged universally over others: “We want something in addition to the achievement of goals and results. We are people who aim high and take risks, but we also long to have meaning and to be grounded. How can we create a more centered, purposeful life and workspace, in this era of constant change, chaos, and minute-by-minute progress?” Soul Sense is the answer: Listening to your Soul Call, stoking your Soul Fire, and practicing Soul Care brings depth, growth, and balance. Soul Sense can be thought of as common sense seasoned with the sixth sense. It is what is known as good, and right, and just in one’s personal and professional life, while embracing the powers of intuition that transcend such definitions. Soul Sense is logical and instinctual, practical and untamed. Tuning into and trusting your Soul Sense brings increasing fulfillment to your life, and to the lives of those around you. The courageous choice to honor your Soul Sense, ultimately, is up to you – and it is Duffy’s joy and intention to lead you toward this profound gift. Your Soul Sense awaits….

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

This simple, yet powerful read will help anyone find their center and seek life from a more balanced standpoint. During the pandemic of 2020, this book was instrumental in helping me stay focused, more engaged, and thoughtful toward others … and myself! Highly recommend everyone read this book to help you live a more fulfilling life.