The Power of Your Potential

How to Break Through Your Limits

Learn how to maximize your potential in minimal time with this compact how-to book derived from No Limits by #1 New York Times bestselling author John Maxwell.

Many of us hold ourselves back because we firmly believe our abilities are finite. But what if our supposed limitations are just an illusion?

In The Power of Your Potential, John Maxwell identifies and examines the seventeen key capacities each of us possesses. Some we are born with, such as how we think or how we naturally relate to other people. The rest are choices, often unconscious, including our attitude or personal disciplines. All are expandable.

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

This easy read is so empowering you shouldn’t read it if you are not desiring to grow! Maxwell does a phenomenal job in simply capturing the potential of each of us and helping us to realize our bigger future. You will learn more about yourself than you currently know and will gain insight into methods of discovering even greater talents, capabilities and resources you hold within. Change your life by changing your thoughts about yourself.