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No Longer Awkward

Communicating with Clients Through the Toughest Times of Life

Life transitions put money in motion. Seventy percent of new investments and referrals to financial advisors result from transitions like birth, death, divorce, dementia or serious diagnosis, and retirement.

Thousands of financial professionals compete for this business, touting their skill in investing money, minimizing taxes, utilizing insurance, and coordinating estate planning. Those who succeed in getting the business have one additional skill: they understand the grief triggered by every life transition, and they know what to say and do to effectively support clients through the process. People look for professionals who understand their lives to give them their business.

This kind of training is difficult for professionals to find. Most rely on what they’ve picked up from others, inadvertently perpetuating mistakes that hurt their clients and their business.

This guidebook is the definitive resource for professionals who work with clients in transition. It is packed with insightful research-based knowledge and practical applications that have a profound impact on clients and professionals alike.

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

Amy has provided us with a toolkit to assist our clients and families with coping and overcoming grief. This book is a repository of wonderful tools, scripts, and other education that most financial advisors lack in the area of grief and bereavement response. Too often we resort to rote and mundane comments such as “You’ll get through this” or “I’m sorry for your loss” when you actually want to make a heartfelt comment that will truly assist your client/friend in coping with the reality of forced change.