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A Friend Indeed

Help Those You Love When They Grieve

Someone you love is grieving. Do you know what to do, what to say, and how to help? Or do you say “I’m so sorry”, pick up what everyone else does, and perpetuate the mistakes? Let this book be your personal, informative, enlightening guide. Learn what to ask, what to say, how to write a condolence card, what books to recommend, concrete actions to take, and the best ways to be truly helpful and supportive to those you care about, especially when they go through the toughest times of their lives. Make a difference when it counts the most.

Why Jimmy Recommends It:

This book is meant for the layperson to use in understanding grief in their family and friend relationships. It is an excellent source for guidance and comfort to aid in your self-care as well as the empathetic responses you wish to convey to your friends and family members in a time of grief and sorrow. Great stuff for anyone to become a better person of support for their friends.