Disruption: Is It The New Way of Life?

In the past 50 years, our world has seen exponential change that affects all aspects of life. We now have more than 4 billion people using the internet for some purpose – work, purchasing, medical, research, etc. Have you found a pay phone in your community? Whereas, these devices were found on each corner, now cannot be found within most cities!

Some areas of life have benefited from disruption: orthopedic and other complicated surgeries are now performed with robotics, ordering food on an app on your smartphone that delivers to your location within minutes or safety in our vehicles is so advanced that emergency services are automatically called if in an accident. These benefits are simply the ideas of ten years ago. If that is truly the case, what does it look like 10 years from now?

Stress is created on individuals when their environment changes and the individuals seem to be simply blown about by the winds of change. To combat this feeling, we work with our clients to find a benchmark in their lives that is stable and within their control. For example, we create a Family Index for them to clearly and simply see their progress achieved in their investment portfolios. 

These three steps will help you mitigate stress from change.

  1. Acknowledge that certain activities in life are beyond your control. As an individual, you do possess a certain amount of control in your world. You should develop and maintain your residence in a manner that is relaxing, soothing and calm. If you wish to reduce stress in the home, turn off the TV! You have no control of the actions of politicians or can you impact the next international war that is brewing somewhere on the globe.
  2. Create and follow routines in life that require less decision-making energy. Personally, I have written, and follow, a morning routine and evening routine that helps me stay focused and keep my world intact. This sounds a little different, right? Think about the confidence level you would generate if you could control your environment and start you day with such positive thoughts!
  3. Adopt a mindset that limits the amount of change allowed in your life. You do not have to own the “latest and greatest” of gadgets: phones, television, automobiles, kitchen appliances, etc. The great news today is that you can adapt to change at your pace. You are in control of you!

In our profession, we are blessed with the most cutting-edge technologies to help us serve our clients’ needs and communicate with them in a more efficient manner. The goals and desires of retirees have become more complex and our role is to reduce the complexity to a simple, implementable process to bring confidence, not stress, to our clients. Markets change, health changes and other areas of life will not impact your mental state if you implement the above three strategies. 

Do you feel more stress today than 10 years ago? If so, seek out someone that can provide far more than simply investment advice. You are far more than money. If you are concerned about the world changing around you, do me a favor this week. Turn off the TV, read a great book and look in the mirror. You are in charge of your world!

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