Episode 94: Self Care is Good; Soul Care is Better!

Do you ever wonder why you feel out of sync in life? To gain more confidence and grounding in life listen to this episode! Jimmy interviews Adrienne Duffy, co-founder of Big Futures, Inc. and author of the book Soul Sense.

Episode Keys

  • Learning how to know when you are out of sync and losing sight of the bigger future you are seeking.
  • Why it is vital to your success to know what your Unique AbilityTM does to move you into your purpose of life.
  • How to create a Soul Care Day and the activities that bring you peace during difficult and disruptive times of your world.
  • The 3 practices of Soul Care:  Grounding, Nurturing and Healing.
  • Using the free tool, The Soul Care ClarifierTM , to gain control of your day and to care for the deepest part of yourself.

Podcast Transcription

JW: Good morning! Oh, another beautiful Monday to get our week started off in a bigger, better, and bolder fashion. Hey, this is Jimmy Williams, your host for Live a Life By Design, your Monday morning motivational minister, here to help you get the best out of your week. 2021 has started with a bang. You know, we put the past behind us. Every day is a new day, a fresh start, if you will, through the clean slate of life. What will you make of this day? How will you enjoy life to its fullest? On Live Life By Design the one thing we want to do is empower our listeners to find ways within themselves, that they can create that bolder future. And speaking of bigger futures today, we are honored to have a co-founder of Big Futures founded in Alberta, Canada. She has over 30 years of experience of supporting and inspiring individuals and entrepreneurial businesses, large and small to achieve their moon shots through the Moon Project Program. The company offers services ranging from executive leadership coaching, to corporate consulting, workshops, retreats. Whatever your need would be, they can make it work for you. It is exciting to have with me… and I’ll tell you how excited I am. This lady is so phenomenal, she is my business coach at Strategic Coach. You’ve heard us mention Strategic Coach many times on many episodes, of the impact it has had not just in my business, but in my personal life to help me stay centered. And today our guest has authored a book – you will find in the show notes, a link so that you too can be impacted by this tremendous book – the book is called Soul Sense. If you would welcome today, Adrienne Duffy. Hi Adrienne!

AD: Oh my gosh, Jimmy. It’s awesome to be with you today on this amazing Monday.

JW: You know folks, this lady is so busy I’ll tell you, I think she sleeps about two, three hours a day is all because she is so busy. She’s doing great things all over the world. Adrienne, I am honored to have you here. So let’s just get started. I understand… and I do research folks. As you know, on our episodes all of our listeners hear this, I research all of our guests really, really well. I did some research and I hope it’s true, but I understand you’re married to the original Aquaman of the ’80s, Patrick Duffy.

AD: Well, I will say yes, my husband’s name is Patrick Duffy. Often people will say when they hear that my husband’s name is Patrick Duffy, they’ll go, “Oh my gosh, are you married to Patrick Duffy?” It’s “Yes, I am married to the real official Patrick Duffy.” He’s the big Patrick Duffy in my life, but not the Aquaman version.

JW: Well, I’ll tell you, though, I think your Patrick Duffy is the real Patrick Duffy because I’ve never met the other one. So hey, let’s get started on a couple of things. You know, your book goes into your upbringing and I understand you were raised outside of Chicago, and I got a question for you. How did that feel coming up in that large community, Chicago metropolitan areas? And, tell me a little bit about your family life.

AD: Well, I mean growing up in a large metropolitan area, we lived in Evanston actually. Which is the first suburb north of Chicago, but you’re right in the heart of it all. It was a very interesting upbringing, of course. But I think what made it really significant for me and my big future is the nature of the dynamic that was going on when I was a little girl. I grew up in a family where my dad was Jewish and my mom was Christian. So there’s an interesting dynamic right there. But also the neighborhood that we grew up in had a significant Jewish population on one end of the street and a Catholic population on the other end of the street. Believe it or not, we were right in the middle, and we grew up of the Protestant faith. So it was just we were going through that kind of dynamic of what was going on there. And then, interestingly when I was in elementary school and then going into junior high, because of where I grew up and so close to Evanston, there was actually a very wonderful Afro-American population that lived there as well. So I was experiencing as a little girl, the dynamic of religious tensions, racial tensions. I was also highly overweight, which is… in the day, in any day, isn’t always a great thing when you’re a little kid. But what I will tell you is that those things really helped to frame not only my life, but my outlook on life, because I had to transform things from a very young age, and actually make a pivotal decision on what my outlook and attitude was going to be about the dynamics that I was growing up in, and I look back on it now as a big blessing.

JW: Wow. So let me say this, you got quite an experience as a child, but actually what it sounds to me when the good folks read your book they’ll sense that you were getting your Soul Sense, really defined as a child. Am I right?

AD: Well, absolutely. I mean, you don’t know that until you’re an adult and you do some reflection. Which I highly encourage that kind of reflection, because often the seeds of our future are woven into our childhood upbringing. But understanding that it’s important not to judge other people based on the optics of the outside, but we need to go a little deeper onto the inside. All of that helped me to go deeper, and additionally, I found an outlet as a very young child and that was music. That was a place that no one could touch. It didn’t matter how overweight you were, it didn’t matter what race or religion you were. It was a place of self-expression. So as I reflect now, I can look back on it and say, I was able to make a more soulful connection on a deeper level, with certain things that would frame the course of my life as I designed it going forward.

JW: I love the shameless plug. Thank you very much.

AD: Oh, of course, Always, Jimmy, I mean always.

JW: So tell me what instrument did you play that brought you out of this sense of needing to find yourself with some area that you could own, and it could be your finding of your center at that time?

AD: Well, I was in junior high and the band said, “Oh okay,” and put a flute in my hand.

JW: A flute?

AD: A flute. But I’ll tell you, it was like I’d found a long lost friend. I think sometimes in life we connect with something that’s a unique ability and it just happens. In short order, I just really excelled in that. It was a place that I could really excel, but I could also breathe deeply. I had to learn deep diaphragm breathing, just as a little kid. But also the opportunity to connect to something that is so beautiful, the sound of the flute, at least for me at the time. Then being able to bring that out and connect with other people and bring joy to their lives by playing.

JW: That’s a beautiful thing you just brought up. So we can find areas within our soul. Your body, you’re not a one dimensional being, right? I mean, we have differences, us. We have emotions, we have our heart, we have our physical, we have our beliefs. At the end of the day, let’s talk a little bit about what is that Soul Sense? Tell me a little bit, and our listeners about what you’re trying to gain to them an understanding of within your book?

AD: Well, one of the reasons that I wrote the book is that I had done, as you mentioned earlier, a lot of work helping organizations, individuals, go to the moon. Like big, audacious moonshot goals, like “Let’s go for it!” What I realized is that in order to sustain growth to the moon, in order to sustain an amazing life by design, and choosing that, there’s another kind of growth that will help with the sustainability of that. That is inner growth. The deepest inner growth that we can do is connect to our purpose, to connect to the deepest part of who we are. And I believe personally that been given, everyone on this planet has been given gifts. It’s a lifelong journey to start bringing those out and serve with them, bring value to the world with them. So Soul Sense is that deep connection to those gifts, what that call is. Now this can evolve throughout your life. I mean, I still play music. I sat down at the piano last night and I’m just kind of enjoying the beauty of music. But I don’t do it professionally anymore and I haven’t for years. However, the gift of learning, that on a deep level led me to what I do today. I’m kind of pumped about where it’s going to bring me next. I don’t know yet, but I’m listening deeply to what that Soul Call is. The other part of Soul Sense is that when you connect on that level you actually access a passion, which in my book I call Soul Fire. But we connect with this passion, and the passion then fuels us through the ups, and downs, and around to get to that Moon Shot vision that we set. But the third part of the Soul Sense process, and I kind of look at it as a trio, Soul Call, Soul Fire, and Soul Care. Is that with that passion and with that fire, it’s very combustible energy when you connect with it and you need to care, you need to tend to the fire. We need to look after ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. When you put the three together it’s an extraordinary life.

JW: Because I do know there are times when I can just sense my… I’m going to use another term, my aura, my energy. You can just sense that you need a free day. Which as my coach, we talk about this a lot on our podcast, those free, focus, and buffer days. Sometimes you just need that free day. On that free day perhaps we could have a Soul Care day, a day of clarity. Explain what maybe a typical Soul Care clarity day would be?

AD: Well this is a high level of intentionality, Jimmy, about a particular day where you know you need to set aside some time to really focus on that deeper core part of yourself. And it could have a lot of different flavors. I mean, it could be going to the spa, it could be getting a massage, it could be going to your favorite bookstore after COVID of course, having a latte, whatever. But you know what? I had a Soul Care day where I just needed to do a big cleanup in my office. I knew that that was a block to the next level of what I was trying to do professionally. I had a Soul Care day booked, but that was so calling to me that if I don’t do those cleanups, I’m not going to be able to do the soulful work I love to do. So, I actually devoted that Soul Care day to cleaning up a mess. And the energy released from that, because I re-purposed the day around a Soul Care day… Everyone knows you do those kinds of cleanups, it’s like, “Ugh.” Right? “Got to do it.” Except that when we intentionally put that thought into a day, “I’m looking after myself, the deepest part of who I am,” then we re-purpose that day into something that’s extraordinary. We have the power to do that every single day. Like-

JW: Yeah. Absolutely. How do we best do that though? Do something that I know that you recommend, and I recommend for our listeners is turn off all of those distractions, so you can find that inner voice telling you, and combust, if you will, that Soul Fire, to get this day intentionally performed as it helps you not to just simply be blown by the waves of the wind. Or as I call it the power of the phone. Right? So the key thing to that is as you said, get rid of all those distractions. Now let’s talk about a couple of things regarding that. In your career you’ve done an amazing job at coaching a lot of us, hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been through… I maybe extravagant a little bit there. But the thousands and thousands of people who’ve been through Strategic Coach. When I talk to them, they all say the same thing, “If it weren’t for my coach, I…” And then they fill in a sentence. So let me give you one. If it weren’t for Adrienne in my life, I would not seek the goals of achievement that I have every quarter. So tell me how does the coach get coached at Strategic Coach?

AD: How does the coach get coached as Strategic Coach? That’s a good one. Well first of all, I go to Strategic Coach too. So, you know, I’m both a client and a coach. And so any high performance, anybody in this world needs a coach. I learned that way back when in my music days. I had some of the best coaches professionally that you could have. That was part of my first Moon Project was going to Switzerland and studying with the flute master James Galway. That was an audacious goal for me at the time. It was a life by design goal. I was able to achieve something like that. Being around a person like that, getting coached from someone like that, I mean it does permeate every part of you. So I will turn to coaches as well, I turn to great reading. But what I’ve learned over the years is, it goes back to what we talked about previously, that there’s two kinds of growth, inner and outer. It’s very important that in my opinion, create rituals for both. So we can be strategic, we can set goals, we can create a vision, take the small steps. All the strategic tactical things that are necessary to achieve greatness in life. On the other hand, the greatest leaders that I know and what I turn to coach myself, is to go within. Do some of the deeper dives, learn about deep breathing, do the meditation and prayer, whatever one’s practice or beliefs are. There are methodologies that will help you to do the deeper work so that then you can do more powerful, outer work. And I see it as an inside-out, outside-in proposition.

JW: One of the things I love about you as a coach… And I hope not to embarrass you. Lucky this is only audio folks, you can’t see if I embarrass her today. But the one thing I love about when I leave that eight hour workshop… Before COVID, we had a full day away from our office, you’re away from all the distraction. You’re focusing purely on your future, how to create that bigger future. Tell me just real quickly, Adrienne, one of the things I get from you is a tremendous amount of feedback. I get a tremendous amount of honesty. But the bigger thing that I get from you is all of this experience of you coaching thousands of people that you’ve kind of “heard it all”. But tell me something new in your life that you, as a student of coaching, as a client, what’s been one of the big breakthroughs for you during COVID?

AD: I think one of the biggest breakthroughs was a shaking to the core, if I can be honest with you. I was on the road traveling extensively, loving life, loving this creation, spending a lot of time away from my family as a result of that, a lot of time in hotels. And boom! I was actually coaching Strategic Coach workshops in Chicago on March 13th. It was the last day that we did in-person workshops. I was there with Dan Sullivan, he was in the other room. I kind of had a sense that the world was going to be shifting a little bit, but I had no idea. Who did, right? Who could have predicted this one? So I’ve spent way more time at home. I’ve spent way more time with my husband. I’ve learned to connect with people in a very meaningful and powerful way, virtually. I believe our instincts, those of us that are aware of this have gotten stronger of how we connect intuitively, and instinctively. I was able to take the time to even go deeper. So all of these were gifts that I had not anticipated but are also… If we look at this as the beginning of the year, what are the powerful things that we’re bringing forward? All the great silver linings from what COVID brought? It’s been a gift in many ways, I believe.

JW: I agree with you, totally, so I actually shifted… I’ve told you this in our sessions. Is about a week, I was in the gap. Which is our definition of trying to measure the ideal versus the progress we’ve made. I looked at our team and I finally said, “Enough’s enough. We’ve got to go on forward thinking now, which is where we want to work. We want to work in our futures and build bigger futures.” So after about a week, Adrienne, I got things back in order. I actually sat down and you’re going to laugh. I did an experienced transformer over my week and it did not look good. So then I got out one of my favorite tools, the impact filter that we use. I said, “Here’s what happens if we don’t step up to the plate, proactively take care of our clients, and move forward to show them a path.” And our team just went to it wholeheartedly. From then on, it’s just been one of the best years. I’m sad to say a lot of people have suffered, but it’s been one of the best years for our company during a COVID situation. So, one thing I want to bring about is your coaching has helped me with a lot of that to focus not on where I am, but where I wish to be. Give me a little bit of impact of where you see your company, the Big Futures, going over the next five years? Where do you wish to be?

AD: Well I mean in fact, we are in the process of doing some strategic planning around that. It’s a very exciting, exciting future. We have a lot of foundation. We have helped, as you said earlier, organizations small and large go to the moon, scale, grow. We’ve supported their cultures organizationally. I’ve worked with a lot of people one-on-one in their transformations. Both, millennial age group, all the way up to men and women in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, that are trying to make transformations. So we are sitting on a gold mine, we’re sitting in the acres of diamonds. So the next five years is looking at how do we bring that out more fully into the world? Soul Sense was my first step to just start to put some of this thinking out into the world more broadly. The next step is just starting to continue to use what we’ve learned in Strategic Coach, around packaging, branding, and bringing this more fully out into the world wherever it can be of service and have an impact. That’s our big goal.

JW: Well, that is a what we call BHAG on our episode here, big, hairy, audacious goal. Right?

AD: Right.

JW: So that’s all great and exciting. Let’s talk a little bit about in the Soul Sense book how we can implement this. So before they get the book, I want them to understand what it’s about. It’s about finding your center, your grounding in life, and building on that to have better days. How can we implement this? What do you see typically happen from your readers?

AD: Well the first step of course, and it’s outlined in the book, is to think about your story. I shared a little of mine. Everyone has a story. Every one of you as listeners has a story. Your story is important, is profound for you, and it will give you clues as to those next steps, if you’re struggling or those next steps, if you’re infused with passion and excitement, either side. So part of it is a reflecting back. We call it Soul Soundings, even things from when you’re very young. But also what I call moments of soul, are very important because they can be daily experiences where in that moment you know you’re connected. Some people get goosebumps, you get shivers. You just feel like, “Oh my gosh.” There’s a synchronicity that happens. And you’re like, “That was no coincidence. This is really important. I read that book. I read that line. I met that person.” And what I invite in the book is for people to become more aware of those things, maybe even journal them. Those will be the clues, the seeds to give you what some of those next steps can be, but also give you the confidence and courage to step out, and take the next step that maybe you’ve been afraid to take. Know that this has been a path that you’ve been working on your whole life. So why not? Let’s go.

JW: You know, it just takes that small amount of motivation from maybe a third party that says, “Hey, you get this, you’ll get this.” That’s kind of what we do on our podcast is we want to give people the sense of, here’s that simple next step that could be exponential to your growth of your person or your business. So real quickly then let’s talk just a little bit, dive deeper in that. If we’re going to implement and we want to find that… You mentioned journaling was a good tool. I got to be honest with you, since I was an undergrad school been a big journaler. I will tell you, I helped find my center, my grounding by reviewing some of my entries in my journal. I can tell you there are periods in my life that I’ve gone back and said, “Wow, this was a terrible experience. Why?” And by analyzing that, then I don’t get into those experiences again. Right? So how do you use journaling from the Soul Sense perspective to either learn from, or keep you grounded, or how to nurture to get to that re-purposing that you’re speaking of?

AD: Well, I mean whether it’s journaling, or just doing some of the deeper meditation, some people don’t relate to journaling. But from a journaling perspective, you can journal your experience, you can do free form writing. Just accessing… Eventually you access a part of your mind. I’ve had it happen where I’m just writing, and I don’t even know what I’m writing. Then I look back and go, “Oh, okay.” A part of me was messaging to me. There’s a little magic there. I don’t know. But it is a way to connect. I think the important message here that we’re talking about is that we find those places to connect because it’s a duality. Bigger outer-growth requires bigger inner-growth. The deeper you go, the higher you can go. There’s an energy around both. I often say, “Think of a figure rate of energy, or an infinity of energy.” You go inside, you go out, you go inside, you go out. If you have big dreams and goals, then it’s important that you do those kinds of things to connect with that part of yourself. That just infuses the foundation of confidence into those next steps. When I did all that work on Moon Project and have continued to do, we often go back to Neil Armstrong, everyone knows the quote, right? “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” But let’s just marinate in that for a moment. A lot of small steps add up to a giant leap. We can go into the giant leap in our imagination. However, to get to there, it’s going to be hundreds of small steps. Many of them are learning, many of them are progress. But the key is to really project out and then go back to now and say, “What’s my first small step?” If you’re scared, then it needs to be an even smaller step. What’s one thing you could do that doesn’t scare you. You know the compound effect of those is exponential. You know that.

JW: Absolutely. You remember Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the first ladies in our country she said, “Do something every day that scares you.”

AD: Right.

JW: That’s how progress is made.

AD: Right? Like be on Jimmy Williams podcast.

JW: Hey, absolutely. Because you don’t know what’s coming Adrienne.

AD: Right?

JW: You don’t know what’s coming. Hey folks, I didn’t send her any script. This is all right off the cuff here. I’m just asking hard questions. So at the end of the day, we’ve got our center found and so forth. Let’s take a little bit of a transition now, if we will. Tell me a little bit about how Big Futures, and how Patrick and you started that company. What was your real burning desire to helping these small companies achieve progress?

AD: Well, when we started out, and we’re 30 plus years in as an entrepreneurial couple. The first company name was Corporate Growth Management-

JW: You started when you were 12. Is that what it was? Because you’re 30 years in? You look very young, very young.

AD: Aw, too kind. Our first company was called Corporate Growth Management Consultants. So our intent was always to help people grow, organizations grow, help leaders within those organizations grow. But over time we found that that name was a limitation, so we went for Big Futures, Inc. Our mandate has always been to inspire others to achieve their fullest potential. I mean, if I were to say it simply, that’s it. Whether it’s an organization to achieve its fullest potential, to help an individual achieve their fullest leadership potential, or leadership within themselves, their fullest potential. And to heal, and grow, and transform, the things that are roadblocks to that full potential. So there is a golden thread in everything that we’ve done and we’ll continue to go into the future with, that is about helping others realize their fullest potential.

JW: That is an awesome story. So at the end of the day 30 plus years into this, I want to know what does Adrienne see herself doing over the next 10 years? Coach, we talk about a lifetime could be 125, 124 years. I know Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, along with his wonderful partner Babs, they want to live to be 130 or something. So what’s your lifespan look like? What do you want to do next?

AD: Well, more and more of the same. I mean, I have been living a life by design for a long time, Jimmy, as you know. So I feel incredibly blessed that I am in a place where I am doing the work that I believe that I was here to do. That brings so much energy, and joy, and vitality that I will continue to do that work. I don’t know exactly what all the outlets for that will be because technology is changing. So I will continue over the next 10 years and beyond to do what I do. When I’m walking with a cane, if that were to ever happen I still hope I’m working, and I still hope I’m coaching, and I still hope I’m helping others realize their fullest potential. That’s not going to change. But maybe I’ll start doing a little birdwatching too, I don’t know. But that’s like maybe 50 years from now.

JW: So listen, Lake Louise has some beautiful birds around it. You could go up there around-

AD: Right?

JW: … Lake Louise, in Alberta, beautiful area.

AD: You bet. And also, just one other thing.

JW: Sure.

AD: Family is really important to me. I have an only daughter Clara, who is the light of our life. I do envision as part of this journey, personally living closer to where she is. She moved to Denver a few years back. So Patrick and I are looking at how we can make some of those moves and pivots, and choose to live that part of our life by design to be closer to her as she’s growing her life, and be very supportive of that. So that’s probably my most important goal. The other stuff is the icing on the cake, but being a great mom and really supporting that is really important.

JW: I want to take you to probably an uncomfortable area for just a moment, and not intentionally doing so, but just because I think that’s where our listeners are going here. Have you ever had a day where you just feel like, “I almost feel sorry for people that aren’t working in their unique ability that are just drudging through the day?” I get up every morning at 5:00, 5:30, and I’ll be honest with no alarm clock. I just enjoy life, Adrienne, and I know you do the same. How can we help people find their unique ability in life? Because we all have it, we just got to find out what it is. How can we do that?

AD: Well, that’s a loaded question. Okay. Let’s peel this one away-

JW: That’s what I’m here for.

AD: Right? Yeah. There’s two ways that I want to answer this, Jimmy. The first way is that there are people that are stuck, and that’s a reality, and we need to choose to get unstuck. If we’re stuck, we need to look for help. We need to ask for help. There’s lots of help out there for us when we’re stuck. Once we start to get unstuck through great coaching, or great counseling, or great support, then we can actually do the next answer. Which is start to look through your life… This goes back to that kind of reflection on your life piece, what has given you energy in your life? Because there is a direct connection with our most innate important gifts. Which in Strategic Coach, we call unique ability, and energy. So I want our listeners to think about times in your life when you’ve just, “I love this. I love doing this.” And, if possible, look at your context of life right now, and is there a way that you can do something like that? You may not be able to do the same thing. It may not be appropriate, but maybe you could do something that’s like that, that would bring you energy, and that will just start to bring the vitality back. That’s a small step, but it starts with a reckoning of what we’re talking about here. Getting the help you need, if you need it and then just going, “Okay, where is the energy?” I actually, sometimes I ask the universe for help. “I need some help here, universe. Show me what the next step is.”

JW: That’s a great explanation. So unique ability, one of my most uncanny ones is to get very, very much more talented than me people on my podcast, as you can witness today. So, I’ve got Adrienne here. I’ve had Shannon Waller from Strategic Coach. I’ve had some great entrepreneurs on this podcast over these episodes. 93 plus episodes at this point, Adrienne. So my point to that is I want to bring this good information out to the public so they too can improve their life. If you had only one statement of advice that you could give our listeners today about legacy, leadership, self-awareness, whatever it may be, what would be that one statement of advice you would leave our listener with today?

AD: One of my biggest mentors is an author, actually. His name is Viktor Frankl. He wrote the book Man’s Search for Meaning. I think he’s the PhD actually, Jimmy, of mindset mastery.

JW: I agree.

AD: He survived Auschwitz, and this quote is from him. “A human’s greatest freedom is to choose their attitude towards any circumstance.” We are living right now in an unprecedented time. But what Viktor taught us there, and taught me, and what I teach, and what you teach is we have the power to choose our attitude. We have the power to choose, to make those changes. So when it gets to leadership, and legacy, and living an extraordinary life by design, I really believe at the core of it is to choose.

JW: All right, man. Great advice. Since you’ve opened Viktor Frankl’s a book up for our audience. I highly recommend it. By the way, it’s on our website under Jimmy’s Top Reads. To be very honest with you, Adrienne, I read it again this year. I’ve probably read it three or four times. The reason being, I felt it’s so applicable during June and July of this year, when the world was just coming to a halt. My wife and I were going to spend a time in your great country, going to Banff for our anniversary. We were going to leave a little early and go in July a month. Of course with COVID things got changed. So I got to reading the book and talking about, with myself and my journal, about the challenges he faced in that concentration camp, the horrific treatment that he faced. But yet he survived for one reason, like you said, he chose to survive. He chose to think of his loved ones and to think of his future. How can we as individuals – maybe not with that inner strength just yet – how can we build that inner strength, our inner Viktor Frankl muscle to look to the future, to keep us going through these difficult times?

AD: That’s a big question. I don’t have the exact answer, but I’ll play with it a little bit. I think in part it’s having a barometer for when we’re not in our best self. When we’re not in our center. When… Like what we call the gap, where we’re not living up to the ideal that we have for ourselves. It’s the power to in that moment, go, “Oh, I have a choice here. I can look at it this way or this way.” And choosing the high road, choosing the abundance mindset, choosing the growth mindset, choosing the positive mindset. It’s been extraordinary to me over the years that I’ve worked with individuals that you can have the same experience that two people have. One person will look at it through a scarcity lens or a glass empty lens, and the other person will look at this experience as the biggest opportunity of learning ever in their entire life and they’re going to go to the moon as a result of having this learning. So it’s the power that we have to decide. So if we have that inner barometer, you can decide.

JW: That is a great explanation. I will tell you, I’m more of an abundance thinker myself. I’ve always got a glass half full, and I’ll tell you why. When the world began to stop and that June and July moment, in my profession, people were not calling their clients to give them assurances, to give them some guidance, to give them some leadership, build that relationship. That’s what we’re here for on this planet is to help others. That’s all I do. That’s one of my unique abilities. So we did that, which I believe firmly, Adrienne led us to having this greatest year we’ve ever had. People needed leadership, guidance, clarity, and that’s what we’re here for. So before I let you go, I do have one last question. If you could in fact, snap your fingers to change one aspect of Adrienne Duffy’s life today, with just… You’ve got all the power, you’ve got all the capability, you’ve got all the competency. All you got to do is snap your fingers to make this one change in your life. What area of life would you snap your fingers and change today, and why?

AD: I lead a charmed life, so there’s not a lot that I would change. But I would say, you know, is just continuing on that journey of connectedness, with my family. Those core pieces that are so important to me, and just that I will be able to live part of that dream that I have.

JW: That would be a pretty good snap, I got to tell you. You know what mine would be, if I could snap my fingers today? I’d be at your dining room table to spend more time with you because I think you’ve got a lot more to offer than what I have time for today. But Adrienne, you have been phenomenal. Your book, Soul Sense, I’m going to put it on our Jimmy’s Top Reads. Highly recommend everyone get a copy of this wonderfully written book. An easy read, you can read this in a weekend. But it will make an impact that goes far beyond your years of life. It is just a fantastic read. Adrienne, thank you for your time today. I appreciate you so much and wish you and your family the most healthy and happy 2021.

AD: Aw, thank you, Jimmy. It’s been a privilege to be here and to be here with your listeners. A huge gratitude.

JW: Thank you so much.

JW: So one of the great things about finding your Soul Sense is the feeling you gain to move forward on bigger, better, bolder projects in life. I know you hear it from me all the time, the triple B, I call it. But at the end of the day isn’t that what life is all about? So I encourage you today, I challenge you this week, to look for opportunities to find your center, to go online order the book Soul Sense. Find your better place in your heart, soul, and mind so that you can be grounded. That you can find the nurturing you need of yourself to create those healthy environments, both inner peace and outer growth. Then also, that you can perhaps find some healing away from all the stress that you’ve been feeling after 2020’s COVID stricken year that we’ve suffered. But I will tell you this, there’s a bigger day tomorrow. There’s a broader future ahead, you merely have to keep going. It is empowering to me to see the results we get from your correspondence, your emails, your Facebook posts. You people are killing things in life that you want to own for yourself. Keep doing that, keep moving forward, and more than that, keep Living Life By Design.

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