Where’d Everyone Go?

From going out to eat to going shopping anyone can see that there is a shortage of workers. Everywhere you go the staff is shorthanded, yet the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in two years. It is a no brainer that the employment rate has been so high due to the impact COVID had on the entire world but now that things have calmed back down and jobs were offered back, you would think those who lost their jobs would be scrambling to find work. Fortunately, they found a better and more convenient option.

Before COVID hit and left us all a mess, it was completely abnormal for most people to work from home. Waking up, getting dressed and commuting to your workplace was just the way of life and no one seemed to question it. That is simply how having a job had always been. When an unexpected pandemic hit the entire world, working from home became the new normal and now there is a large majority of the workforce that do not want to go back to the old normal. But can you blame them? 

Working from home means staying in your own home all day, being able to use your own restroom and kitchen on breaks, and most of the time wearing comfy clothes. Many say they have been able to eat healthier since they have the resources to prepare their own lunch within minutes. Not only is it more comforting and convenient, but it also saves time and money. On average, working from home saves 40 minutes of a person’s day as well as a large amount of fuel since they do not have to commute. Many of those who remote work say that they are much more productive since there are not as many distractions at home. It can also make your work schedule much more flexible. With more time you can exercise, spend time with you family, and even catch up on housework. You can also work from literally anywhere! 

One study found that post-pandemic, 35 percent of job holders in the United States were offered remote work full-time and 23 percent offered remote work part-time. Almost all of those who are offered the option, have chosen to take advantage of it. Only working remote part of the time could be great option for those who like the office scenery but not all the time since you get to experience in office days and enjoy your co-workers and getting out of the house, but you also get to enjoy the quiet days at home. 

Working from home has not only helped employees, but it has also helped employers. Several employers have reduced costs since they no longer have a brick-and-mortar office. They cut the expenses of utilities, office rent or payments, and even office supplies. Most of them did not even endure the expenses of equipment for their employees since they already had equipment provided to them that they were able to take home. For those who do have to provide extra equipment, only endure the cost one time. With the expenses being lower it has allowed some companies to pay for their employee’s internet and phone, so the employee does not incur the charges themselves. 

Next time you wonder “where did everyone go?” think about how many people found great jobs from the comfort of their own home. Although it may not be for everyone, there are many who enjoy the benefits of being able to work in their own space. Something that became so popular due to a worldwide pandemic has become one of the best things to some. 

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