Your Philosophy Determines Your Success

Often people look at others in determining their success achievement as valid. What is not known about the person is their background, mindset and skillset. When defining your success in terms of control of your life, financially or in any other measure, it is critical that you understand the reasons for such accomplishment.

Philosophy is the basis for all of your functions in life. By learning and adapting a belief system that you are capable, deserving and endowed with potential, you are accepting your philosophy to be one destined for success. How do you define success? For example, recently a billionaire in the United States flew his own spaceship to the atmosphere of the Earth for approximately eleven minutes. He reached the Earth and was giving a press conference where he remarked, “The mission was a great success!”

The philosophy of the ultra-wealthy is one of unlimited capability. To create a mindset that you are capable of achieving your utmost desires and goals is a powerful concept. It is my belief that each of us is endowed with greatness awaiting to be shown to the world. This revelation may not come in the form of wealth as defined by the world but rather through knowledge, health, spirituality and other means.

First, you must think about your life and what would be the most impactful method of leaving your legacy. This seems to be the most difficult step of establishing a philosophy that will guide your life. In its basic terms, it is actually very simple. What do you value most in life? Is it your children, spouse, charity, church, community, grandchildren? Once the value determinant is defined, you may realize a different strategy for your life emerges.

For example, if you wish to leave a legacy to your grandchildren, your philosophy and approach to life would be a perpetual gift to each generation. You may decide to leave poems depicting your love and admiration for them. Or you may simply wish to leave photographs with descriptions of their ancestry and the wonderful history of their family.

One means in which I am leaving a legacy for my children is through journaling. Each time I write in my private journals, which will only be read once I have expired, I am leaving my philosophy of life, thoughts about the deeper meaning of relationships and values I hope to instill in my family. Even though I am verbally teaching our children these meanings, when they are older the words of my journals will resonate the teaching, they were granted while I was living.

Philosophy also applies to your financial approach to lifetime independence. When a person adopts a philosophy of living within his means, being charitable to others and investing in a prudent, consistent manner, success will truly be achieved. If you wish to learn more about philosophy, make sure to bookmark this site.

Disengage from the busyness of the world and think about your approach to life and its many wonderful facets that you wish to leave to your family and friends. The only negative in this process is that you may realize you have a lot of life to live.

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