Reflection for Direction

Happy New Year!  It is so awesome to open a new calendar and smell the fresh ink and clean pages of opportunity.  The blank calendar pages are awaiting your input of a remarkable life in the new year.  2023 looks very promising.  Not from the world’s perspective but from the perspective of each of you accomplishing great things in your life.

One of the most important tasks I undertake as a new year begins is to reflect on the previous year to glean from it that I have learned, where I have grown and use this information to determine where I wish to go in life.  The most amazing opportunities lie in front of you if you know what to look for and how to place these occasions into action.

In 2022, I worked on goals in a variety of areas.  Most of the goal may have been accomplished but the finish line lay ahead of me.  In 2023, I will be focusing on the remaining portion of these goals and seeking to finish strong in the first quarter of the year.  To many goal constructionists, once the period of performance has lapsed you either pass or fail at the attempt to reach the goal.  Allow me to grant you some “Grace Space”.  The world has become somewhat disjointed with the economic and geopolitical challenges we face every day.  Am I making excuses?  No.  Am I giving myself additional space to be my best self? Yes.

There were opportunities in 2022 that allowed me to grow as a person.  Did you identify those areas for your life?  If we are looking introspectively, glaring times of interactions that could have been better or statements made in public that could have been crafted more eloquently stand out.  How are you capturing the important memories in your life?  For me, I journal to record the moments and memories of life’s occurrences that are worth sharing with my heirs.

Volumes of these journals line library shelves.  What book have you read that would be more impactful to your children and grandchildren than the life you lived and the decisions you made?  Your personal memoirs are so impactful that your influence in the lives of your heirs will continue for generations beyond your terminal point.  

How is this investing in your yourself?  By learning from our mistakes and capitalizing on our accomplishments, we can create a world that is full of blessings and benefits that allow us to live in a more desirable society.  War is absent in many countries on the globe; however, that does not mean peace is present.  Our mindset is so important in determining our approach to life’s challenges.  By maintaining positivity in our thoughts and actions, we can infect others with a smile and kind word that will spread faster than any virus on the planet.

It is an honor to share my thoughts each with week with you.  The pages of this column are a means for me to reflect on our world and how we can make the best of difficult situations and take advantage of breaks that will give you the edge to greater discovery of yourself.

Open your calendar and your planner today.  Map out the future you wish to see come true.  It is yours for the taking.  Make it happen by bringing your best you to the day.  Interact with others in a positive and pleasant manner that creates a compounding effect of peace on earth.  See you on the jogging trail!

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