Episode 141: Preparing for Success

Do you ever wonder how others consistently grow their thinking, wealth, and influence? In this episode, Jimmy shares three areas of life that will help you realize your bigger purpose in life while helping others achieve greatness in their lives.

Episode Keys

  • A simplified process of setting goals that excite and challenge you to become a bigger, better and bolder you.
  • How to find your unique ability so that you experience greater happiness in life.
  • Why you must protect your mental capabilities and health by surrounding yourself with positive-minded people.
  • When you grow by giving yourself – time, talent and treasure – to those in need around you.
  • Focusing on those activities that give you the biggest returns in life!

Podcast Transcript

Oh, I don’t know about you guys, but these holidays, man, I soaked them up like a sponge. Hey, good morning. It’s Jimmy Williams with Live a Life By Design, your Monday morning moments of motivation, your pastor of positivity on this great Monday morning. You know, I just love this time of year. You know, a lot of people, they get tied up in the gift buying and the hectic frenetic pace of the holiday. But I really see it for what it is to me. It’s a time of reflection, a time of family and a time of giving those three areas. Just make the holidays special for me. I hope you’re having a great Monday morning to the week for you will be productive and all manners that you wish. And I hope you’re planning for some time later this month to just simply sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy your time with family.

But this episode is one that I hope will help bring you some confidence as you close out 2021, and you get a fresh new year to get bigger, better and bolder today. I want to share with you what I call preparing for success too often. People disbelieve. If I work and work and work and work success will come well. You know, maybe a certain amount of it will be realized, but I want you to know today that the real success, the potential for which you were born so that you can achieve your greatest results will not come by happenstance. It will not come simply because you worked extra hours each week. No, it takes preparation. And I want to share with you today, the three areas of my life that truly bring about what I call success in a goal stretching manner. If you think I face each year going well, let’s see what’s going to happen.

This year. You’d be dead wrong. I have already started. And this is the sixth day of December. And I’ve already started my goal planning for 2022. And it just gives me chills. Some of those things that I’m thinking of accomplishing. So preparing for success, it seems to be the hardest task that contributes to your realization of success. It’s that word, prep, prayer preparation. Today, we will share these three areas of life that requires synchronicity for success to truly be realized you work hard. I am certain of that, or you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast, but do you work toward a goal with purpose or are you letting the day simply run you? You know, those folks that work eight to 10 hours and they look down and they go, what did I accomplish today? Mostly none of it being anything effectively growing them as a person, but simply the busy-ness of the world.

As I said, this is the time of year in which I review my goals for 2021 and plan for growth in 2022, it would not surprise you. I’m sure that I am not going to hit my goals. 100% that I had set this same time. Last year, I will tell you, it looks like I’m going to only be about 82% complete of the big, hairy, audacious goals. I said, I will say though, of that 82%, and I may get to 85. If a couple of things worked in my favor that I’m actually trying to really chisel down, but of that 82%, it will have gained me the confidence to move forward for 2022 in an even bigger manner. It becomes difficult to find time alone during December, but you must find that quiet focus, time to contemplate the greatness you wish to realize in your future, you must prepare mentally.

If you will, to become greater. A friend of mine, I asked how I was always achieving greater levels of results. He acknowledged he works more hours than I do seems to be helping all the people he meets and still it appears that he is not accomplishing the goals he would like to in his life. I will never tell someone how to live their life. That is not my role. However, when I asked, I will always share my approach to productivity and goal achievement, which I hope will help them find their path. So let’s start today with three areas of life that you must have in sync to become most efficient at accomplishing your big, hairy, audacious goals. So the first area of life that impairs my productivity and goal achievement is the mental area of life. I protect my positivity and confidence by focusing on those activities and areas of life that substantially contribute to my growth as a person, to be different and to achieve greatness, you must maintain a positive attitude.

This is the fuel that powers the body to accomplish what others even dare to attempt. Elon Musk, the wealthiest person in the United States said something that I have taken to heart. He said, when something is important enough, you do it. Even if the odds are not in your favor, the key is defining what is important to you. Of course, this leads me to Jimmy’s short course on goal-setting allow me to digress for just a brief moment and explain how I simplified what others have maintained is a complex system for creating, monitoring, and measuring their goals. And I’ll help you distill it down to where you have a much better system. I simply take a blank piece of paper and start writing words that create the basis for my goal statements. For example, words like learning, earning, and charitable. After I complete this process of writing as many words as I desire on the page, I’d take another page and create columns, labeled career spiritual family, charitable financial, and educational.

I use one of the words written during my brainstorming from the first page and create an action sentence as if I had already attained the action. So for example, I took a month long vacation with my family in Europe, in August, 2022. That sounds like I’ve already attained it. Now, why would I want it to be something that says I took, in other words, I have achieved it in my mind. What I’m doing is I’m saying to myself, it’s going to happen. And my brain’s already working on the steps necessary to make it happen to become a reality is this is a measurable, realistic and challenging goal for me to accomplish in one year, focus some time on determining what you truly want out of life and will accomplish in 2022. Write it down by writing down the goal. You have increased your probability for success by 70% the later or Nightingale.

And I have listened to many, many, many cassette tapes from Earl Nightingale. Over my years, he had great quotes and thoughts on goals. One of my favorites is people with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. We’re not wandering around. Generally. We are a meaningful specific as the executor would say, and I protect my mental wellness by surrounding myself with people with powerful goals and positive attitudes toward life. The top five people you spend your time with daily will create your potential in life. So make certain you’re spending time with great people. The second area of life that empowers lifetime of growth is charitable. If you truly wish to grow as a person, start giving time, treasure, and talent to others. By increasing your contributions to others, you will achieve exponential lifetime growth as your success increases. So will your contributions. The cycle continues as you gain greater capabilities, income, reputation, and resources, and you increase your contributions to others.

When you contribute your experience to help others capture their opportunities, eliminate their dangers and maximize their strengths. You receive greater rewards. One of my favorite historical leaders of the world, sir, Winston Churchill captured this best. When he said this quote from what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life that gives me chills. Just thinking about that. A little Jewish girl, whose diary became a beacon of hope for the world during and after world war two. And Frank gives us guidance and encouragement on being charitable. No one has ever become poor by giving. And lastly don’t know if you’re a big fan or not, but Jackie Chan, I just loved watching his movies, not only an excellent martial artists, but some of the scripts and his movies are just hilarious. Jackie Chan sums up one of my thoughts on giving in this quote.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life. That is a powerful statement. So my third and final area of life that I believe produces the most accomplishment for me is my purpose for doing those activities that produce the biggest dividends. One of the questions asked of Warren buffet was why did he accomplish so much? And how does he continue to grow his net worth and his competencies and capabilities? He said simple. I say no to almost every opportunity, especially those that take me away from my goals and purpose. That is good advice. Listen closely for I’m about to give you the secret to true goal achievement in this section always make your purpose greater than your money. I can’t believe a wealth advisor just made that statement, but it is true. Money is a terrible measurement in which to gauge achievement.

Riches can be fleeting. When the person simply works to become a bigger balance sheet. If the process of creating your wealth, doesn’t create a bigger, better, and bolder you. Then you’ve truly wasted your time. You must define and live for a bigger purpose. Money is nothing but a multiplier in human lives. You’ve heard me say it before. If you are a horrible manager of the current assets and money you have, by having more, it will simply make you fail bigger. If you don’t learn the lessons of life, my purpose in life is to help others achieve their ultimate promise in life, to attain greatness on terms that help them not only create true wealth, but retain it. You must understand that things do not provide happiness, but rather the use of things can bring lasting contentment. If your purpose is to treat others with greater respect and teach them how to grow themselves, your money riches and reputation will follow.

The key to finding life’s purpose is to simply ask many, many years ago, I sent letters to 20 of my closest friends and ask them to answer a few questions in a very candid manner. First, I asked them to describe what is unique about me compared to others in the world that they know next. I asked them to give me feedback on whether I am living my talk. In other words, am I simply all talk and no action. And lastly, I asked them to list five traits. They think of when they see or speak with me, the responses from these 20 people opened my eyes and helped me define what is my unique ability. This is the same unique ability I feed every day in helping others achieve greatness in a meaningful and lasting manner. It is only through goal setting as we did in step one, where we talk about that area of life being mental, where we must protect our thinking.

One of my great quotes I love of Zig Ziglar is all that you’ve got is a checkup from the neck up that is needed to keep you on the pathway to success. But spanking thinking will ruin everything. If you allow it to grow, it is critical. Not only do you protect and grow your mental state to understand what success truly is and that you become charitable and will grow more by giving more. And finally that you focus on those activities that give you the biggest growth opportunities this week create some time to reflect on your actions and achievements for 2021, take two sheets of paper and perform the exercise I outlined. In the beginning of this episode, you will find yourself defining your higher purpose, giving more of yourself to others and setting powerful goals that make you a bigger, better, and bolder you you’ve got this. You can do this 2021 is almost in the record books, but a new clean slate ready for you to achieve greatness. As you define it is simply waiting at the next turn of the calendar. Go seize the moment. Be what you wish to be.

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