Episode 152: Horizons of Opportunities

Do you ever wish you had a method of creating solutions unique to your challenges? Now you do! In this episode Jimmy shares his approach to discovering and creating the solutions to the challenges he faces in life and in his company.

Episode Keys

  • The importance of scheduling quiet time for thinking each week.
  • How to change your thoughts by changing the way you look at opportunities.
  • Why it is critical for you to take control of your mindset.
  • When you should give yourself the opportunity to sit quietly and simply think.
  • How journaling your ideas serves as a repository of critical solutions for your future.

Podcast Transcript

One of the greatest aspects of life is to be able to see as a human being, the different horizons we face and the opportunities that are presented. Hey, good morning. This is Jimmy Williams with Live a Life By Design, your Monday morning moments of motivation. And I’m here today to share with you live from the great state of Hawaii out here in ma. One of the things that’s come to mind is as I looked at that airplane, as we were flying at 40,000 feet above sea level, and as the altitude climbed even higher, and I looked below, I see nothing but clouds. I see nothing but dark clouds. Apparently there was some rain, some storm clouds, but what I noticed when I looked out and up was endless horizon. I wanna visit with you just a few minutes today to help you look at life a little bit differently than perhaps you’ve been looking at it.

One of the things I do each week is I spend time solitary time spent just thinking about the future, thinking about what I can do better in the future than I did in my past. I’m thinking about what can I do to help my team perform better, equip them better than they have been in the past. One of the best ways for us to do this is to book some time on your schedule. Yes, I know we’re all busy. We’re tremendously busy, but you are in control of you book some time on your calendar this week that says I will do nothing. But think for even just 15 to 30 minutes about the sure about what I want out of that future, I want to form it in a way that it is mine to control as much as possible. So when I was flying into the island of Maui, I looked out that window and I saw those dark clouds below me.

It brought to mind that sometimes we often leave our, our look downward. We look at the past, we look at the trouble, we look at the disruption, we look at all the challenges we face and we see them below us in nothing but disarray where us, all we need to do is perhaps hold our head up, look up toward that sky. That’s got the blue in sea of color that knows no bounds, man. That’s just inspiring to me. It’s often one of those things I do just to simply look at a clear blue sky and just how far in space does it go? And then I wonder just how many planets are in the world that we don’t know about how many universes are there out there, solar systems. We have no idea where they start or where they end, what this does for me.

It gives me that sense of there is nothing impossible for me. If I want to work hard enough to achieve it. So let me ask you a few questions. As you’re listening this Monday morning, what are some of the challenges you currently face that if you had just a few moments of time, you think you might make some progress on those challenges. What are some of the challenges that your work family or your home family faces that you might need to figure out a way to do better, provide some relief, those individuals so they can make progress? You know, one of the things I often think about in is, is when I’m looking at solutions to progress is I try to find ways that help me do that incrementally now understand you’re not gonna run. Of course you know, 26.2 miles or whatever it is for a marathon on by just starting today.

No one gets up that morning, says, think I’ll run a marathon. Some of you may. But what most people do is they work on it incrementally. And so one of the things I want you to think about today is how about you just stay this week. We start with 15 minutes of thinking time. Now, lemme explain what I mean by that. That is 15 minutes with the phone off the TV off the room door closed. No one around you, just you and your solitary thoughts with a pen in your hand and a journal in the other hand, start writing down thoughts. There are no wrong answers at this point. All you’re simply doing is trying to find a way to help you empower your thoughts on paper, literally. That’s it. The other thing I want you to think about is too is think about your past successes. Yeah. You’ve heard me too many other times. We look at this and go, we didn’t achieve our ultimate goal, but you did achieve some things that moved the needle and you just don’t realize it. You’ve heard me say on this podcast, before that, Hey, it is hard to watch a movie when you’re in it.

You are the star of the show. That is you. So one of the great things that I want you to think about is just what you you’ve done in the past that has moved the needle for your progress. Even though you think it may be small. I assure you that is piling one success on top of the other, building a great ladder to the top of your success. Those bottom runs are a little harder to build. You feel like you don’t make progress, but once you’re halfway up the ladder and you see some things that have been performed in the past and you measure against your past performance to today, you realize quickly, Hey, I have generally made some big progress. Let’s talk about the third item on my list. When I looked at across the beautiful sky, once we landed and I saw the greenery and I heard the ocean roar, I stepped foot into the sand that powder sand of Maui. And I realized this is truly live and live by design. Now this isn’t a brag or this isn’t any kind of exclaiming that I’ve got a better life than anyone else. It’s just simply to say that I made plans and I saw them through. And this is the realization, the culmination of all that planning and work is the realization of that time with fam on the islands.

So when you think about what are my limitations and we all have them, we have limiting assumptions. We assume we can only do so much when you strip away those kinds of negative thoughts and allow your brain to just be creative, no limitations, and to look at things in an exponential manner, your solutions generally will come to you rather easily, but you have to build the environment around you that allows this to occur this week as a challenge, I want you to schedule that one period of time for 15, 20 minutes. If you can do 30 minutes, great. If you can do an hour outstanding, but schedule some time for yourself, along with that pen and that journal, or just even a legal pad, just grab a piece of paper, whatever it takes the back of an envelope, whatever it takes for you to get these points down.

I want you simply take those few gracious moments and sit down and think about the brainstorming that can occur. The solutions you may occur. Write down the challenge you wish to overcome. These are the things in life that will help you become a bigger, better, and bolder. You join on our Facebook page at Live a Life By Design and put down what you think are some of the most challenging aspects of life you’ve overcome in the last few years, these are a wonderful way to inspire all of us to be better at what we do. Now. You’ll notice this is a much shorter episode than normal. And the reason being is, is well, I’m on vacation in the Hawaiian islands. So I want to say thank you to all of our loyal subscribers and listeners across the globe know that you are most appreciated and that you cannot be stopped. If you put your mindset to doing whatever it is you wish to do. So I mean this from the heart when I say “aloha” to you, my friends and I hope you have a powerful productive week.

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