Episode 100: The Best of Live a Life By Design

This episode will feature our co-hosts, Lori, Ashley and Jimmy reflecting on the previous 99 episodes of Live a Life by Design! You will be hearing the “best of” the podcast from the perspective of those that research, write and record every episode for your benefit. From our team at Live a Life by Design to you, our valued listeners/subscribersTHANK YOU and ENJOY!

Episode Keys

  • The uniqueness of each episode of the podcast and how to apply the benefits to improve your life in the manner you wish.
  • How to improve your quality of life and know when to apply intensity and when to consistently apply changes to create your desired world.
  • Why you must continue to seek improvement in your life and surroundings every day.
  • When is the best time to change something in your life – today!
  • The importance of setting, reviewing and refining your goals to find your best self.

Podcast Transcript

JW: Man, I am excited! Not only do I have some super co-hosts with the most for this 100th episode, but this is the biggie – the centennial episode of Live A Life By Design and we have some good things in store for you today. But when we launched this podcast just 99 episodes ago, we only had one goal in mind. The goal was helping people realize the life they desire. That’s it. It’s such a simple, yet very challenging goal and little did we plan on being heard in 50 countries across the globe and receiving five star reviews on iTunes from individuals that touched our hearts and motivated our minds to create even greater content. Those people in such countries as, of course, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, one of my shout outs to the Norwegians, Belgian and New Zealand. Just to top off the top eight countries. Thank you to everyone that has listened during these 99 episodes to Live A Life By Design. Hey, I’m your host, Jimmy Williams and I am excited today to have two of the most talented people I know joining me on this podcast, Ashley Stieb and Lori Few.

AS: Hello!

JW: They’re a little tired. We put in a lot of these episodes, 99, and they’re a little tired today but Ashley Stieb is here with me and Lori Few is live from her studio and how’s Lori today?

LF: Well, I’m sorry, when you introduced, I was getting a sip of coffee, you know, priorities.

JW: Folks, if one thing you’ve known about her on her episodes she’s joined me is, coffee is the addiction. I can tell you that. Hey, Ashley. So what’s going on in your world, man?

AS: Nothing really? I mean, same old, just sitting at home…

JW: I love your excitement.

AS: …buying everything from Target, online.

JW: One thing I want you to know folks is Ashley has now maximized her purchasing power by delegation. I think that’s what you’re saying.

AS: Yes, definitely.

JW: Wonderful. So, all right, Lori, you have been very busy. I know you’ve been trying to visit new coffee shops online, I’m guessing. Do they deliver coffee now for you, hot and bubbly?

AS: They don’t. Well, they don’t do it here. When I was traveling before, in pre COVID time, Uber Eats or DoorDash was amazing because you could get local coffee from anywhere and they would bring it to you. Now, I live through Instagram coffee feed and it’s all visual. So I’m making my short list of places.

JW: One of the things you got to watch out with Lori, if you’re ever at our one of our local coffee shops here, when you see her come in, you just got to clear her path as if Moses were parting the Red Sea. This lady is such an addict. She has to get to that register and get the order placed. No, I’m just kidding you, I’m just teasing you. So, Hey, that is…

LF: It’s pretty good.

JW: Yeah, it seems 99 episodes have flown by in such a short period of time. We’ve been honored with wonderful guests ranging from an Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice to Miss Oklahoma USA to entrepreneurs that are outstanding in their areas of focus. And even the Oklahoma City Mayor. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like just a taste of what’s coming up in the next 100 episodes. But these outstanding individuals have reached the pinnacle of their respective professions and continue to find room to grow. And this, our 100th episode, with Ashley, Lori and me, we will look back at the mini learning moments from our show and glean the most important points to help you realize your bigger, better, and bolder future. So join with us for a few moments and let’s listen to each of my cohosts’ top rated shows and why they chose them. So we’re going to start with Ashley and ask what was her favorite show and why. Ashley.

AS: Well, hands down all the episodes that I’ve been on because I’m just awesome.

JW: Absolutely. Absolutely.

AS: So my favorite episode is probably episode 56, which is Finding Positives In A Pandemic. With everything that happened in the last year, everybody was affected by it. It’s not just a few people, every single person in the world was affected by this. So I think that this was a really important message to get across to people that you have to find the positives because if you don’t, you’re just going to drown and it can be really hard to get above water in those situations. So that’s why I really liked that one. You said something in there, which I have written about in articles and talked about on my podcast and things like that, which is control what you can. So you have to control what you can because things happen and you have no control over it, like COVID and there’s no sense in worrying about it, trying to change it. It’s not going to happen. So you just have to captain your own ship and go about life. My next favorite episode is probably episode 78, which is The Three A’s of Mental Toughness which is, Adapt, Accept and Amplify. I think the overall message in that one is really important as well. The world that we live in now is constantly changing. Every day, something new happens and you have to adapt to those changes because if you don’t, you’re going to get stuck and it can be hard to catch up. You also have to accept the cards that you’re dealt with and you can learn to work with it and you can learn to work around it so that’s also really important. Another episode that I really enjoyed was episode 36, which is Persistence Is The Key To Success and I really liked the message in that one, which was overall, women empowering women, which I think is really important.

JW: So you do know Ashley and our listeners, that we’re going to do a new addition to the three A’s, I’m adding one more. It’s called Aggravation. Can I add that one after so long in this COVID? Can I add aggravation. So I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way but I am trying to sign up to get my COVID shot vaccine and what I’m going to do as opposed to taking it in my shoulder or the arm, I’m going to literally see if I can take mine in my derrière because this thing has been a pain in my rear since about a year ago. Hey folks, we speak the truth on Live A Life By Design. We hold nothing back. Well, actually, those are all great points and I’ll tell you if you’re learning some of those things about consistency and how to get mental toughness to me, those have been very applicable during this crazy year.

AS: Yeah, absolutely.

JW: So Laurie, you heard her three, what have you got? What are some things on your mind about the past podcasts?

LF: Well, I will tell you, first of all, I flunked the test to get on this podcast today. Ashley’s all prepared. She’s got numbers. I don’t have episode numbers to our loyal listeners, please forgive me but you’re just going to have to go back to the actual podcast, Live A Life By Design and scroll because that’s what I had to do. So, I do not have numbers for you. However, the sentiment is 100%, absolutely there. I have to agree with Ashley. I don’t want to toot my own horn but, I have had some pretty awesome times on Live A Life By Design and my favorite…

JW: Wait a minute. I don’t know who the producer is in this show but I got to tell you the actors on this show, can’t give yourselves the Emmy. Come on now. Listen, there’s one common thread among the three of us. And what would that be? Yours truly, baby. So listen, now when I get out there… Oh, go ahead Lori, I’m sorry.

LF: No, it’s so true. And I think that’s why our listeners have such a good time with us because they know that we can take a joke and be serious and really bring them some good content for their life while trying to keep things into perspective. But my favorite episode would have be from March of 2020, and that was really before we realized how much this pandemic was going to affect our lives. But I think it’s foreshadowing that the title of that episode, which I was actually on, Gaining Trust By Being Vulnerable. And I think that that episode for me, had the most impact looking back on how that experience that we talked about, it’s okay to be vulnerable in front of anybody and everybody and learning to share those experiences about how you feel about things, whether it’s personal, professional, business, or pleasure. People are people at the end of the day and they share those emotions and those feelings of inadequacy and being scared and being not too proud to say, “I am proud of myself. Wait, hang on a second.” We ride that roller coaster of emotions so that episode for me was really a good eye-opener. When I went back to listen to it, I thought, “Oh goodness. If we had only known what we were about to embark upon…” I don’t think it would have changed what we talked about that day but I would encourage everybody to go back and to listen to that and look into the retrospective of 2020 because, it was a great episode for me and so much of it is still true.

JW: You know, you’ve brought about a great point and Ashley did as well. Some of these topics, if you think about them, are those things we’re all actually living. These are not just fictional topics we come up with, out of thin air but we want for this podcast is to bring our listeners what we’re really going through. I mean, we’re truly giving them, what I consider, heart and soul from the three of us to say, “We’re living this and here’s what we did to get through it and not only get through it but get through it boldly.” And I think that’s what you’re saying. At the end of the day, we’re still human. We all have weaknesses, we have strengths and so forth. And I like one of the podcast episodes that Ashley brought up where we’re talking about how to be mentally stronger, how to say, “Did we grow through this process? Or did we get defeated?” That’s the question. Right? And you bring up a great one. I love that March of 2020 episode, that was a really good episode. Vulnerability to me means, I’m sensitive to the fact that I may appear to be the strongest in the room but I’m emotionally and mentally not so.

LF: And I think that’s very important to remember, that simple statement that you just made. We take for granted working with people even now at a distance, that we are all vulnerable and it’s okay. And it’s okay to talk about it. And it’s okay to learn from other people because they may be going through the exact same thing we’re going through and it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone.

JW: Yeah, I agree, totally. And I got to be honest with you, some of my friends that really like their quiet time be left alone. So they’ve been enduring this with a cakewalk approach versus me, I’m a handshaker, I’m a hugger. I like people. I want to be around people, I’m gregarious, so my poor wife has to deal with all that.

LF: Well, your poor wife and my poor husband because I am an extrovert extraordinaire. And I have shared that meme that says, “Check on your extrovert friends, we are not okay.”

JW: Exactly. Absolutely. I agree totally. Have you got any other episodes you’d like to bring? If not, I’ve got a couple of doozies.

LF: Well, okay. So I do have another one and it’s almost like you were channeling this guest just for me. I would like to think that that’s what happened, it probably wasn’t but let’s just pretend for Lori’s purposes. One of my favorites was Leadership Across The Generations from January of 2021. It was a great way to bring in the new year for me. I was very excited to hear Annika Van Nest and I love the fact and I’m a huge fan of her already, just simply for the fact that, I mean, she has Prickly Pear Coffee. It’s amazing to me, young entrepreneur. So I do actually have another favorite episode and it’s Leadership Across The Generations and it’s actually from January of this year and it was a great way to restart a new year. I love the fact that she is an entrepreneur and a leader and even in a young age, but more importantly, I’m selfish. And I would like to think that this episode was done specifically for me, with me in mind because it was about someone who loves coffee just as much as I do. Anyone that can have a coffee house called the Prickly Pear Coffee Bar, just goes up 10 notches in my book and it’s the trifecta coffee, yoga, and Jesus, how can you get better than that? Now the yoga part don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to get more mentally sound in 2021. Meditation and breathing and yoga, it’s not going well. It’s not pretty but it’s just me by myself and my YouTube videos so we’re working at it, we’re getting there. But I’m a huge follower of hers now on Instagram and I love all of her posts and props to Annika Van Nest for just giving us that idea that leadership across any generation regardless of how young or how old or where you are in your career or even wherever you are in your life, everybody has value and can be that person that someone else needs. And I really loved that episode and I was very excited to get to listen to that because it really helped set the tone for 2021.

JW: Well, let me tell you Annika is a wonderful young lady, very talented and I’ll tell you how she got on her show. She is the daughter of my speaking coach, Deirdre Van Nest and I asked one day because I saw her daughter’s post on Instagram or something on social media. And I said, “what is your kid doing? This girl is creating all this value for people. Well, she started Prickly Pear Coffee and she goes to a university in Nashville. And so I said, “I’d love to talk with her.” So I just had a short conversation and Lori, everything you said, you summed her up. This kid is dynamite and she has just been a joy to work with. Good news for you, since she was on the show, I said, “Look, you’re going to get a lot of benefit and sell some coffee from this, I hope.” So, when anyone on our team comes out there and says, “Hey, you were on Live Life By Design, we get free coffee. Okay.” So I got that worked for you.

LF: Yay. Yes, let’s do it. One of the other things that I loved about her is that her coffee cups have inspirational and motivational quotes. And I love that because, everybody can use that and whether you pay that much attention to it or not, it’s there and it’s eye catching and it’s simple. I mean, honestly, what a better way to start your day or end your day is with reading something inspirational, motivational. I love that.

JW: You know, it’s one of the things we achieve in life is success but you got to understand success is not a lasting thing, motivation is needed daily. Zig Ziglar, one of my great mentors, I’ve seen him three times. This guy is just like a rockstar. And he said that, “Motivation is like bathing. It doesn’t hurt to have some every day.” I mean, you need to keep the motivation moving. I didn’t come up with that, that’s a Zig Ziglar quote, by the way. But Lori, you’re absolutely right and I will say this to all of our listeners out there. If there’s one thing we want to start doing, we’ve got a little surprise. If you listen toward the end of the podcast, we’re going to start launching on a more robust effort, some information to help communicate and give some coaching and some other things to our listeners. So stay with us as we get there but Lori’s absolutely right. We’ve got to stay motivated in a positive manner and those coffee cups are just one simple way of doing that. There might even be some Live A Life By Design coffee cups coming. I’ve got to talk to our marketing manager and see if I can get approved, but anyway.

LF: Sign me up.

JW: There you go. She doesn’t want a coffee cup, folks. She wants a coffee mug, I mean, one of those big ones, right?

LF: Yes.

JW: Lori, on the last day of school, Ashley it’s so funny. Last time I went up to the central administration office where she works and I went in and the last day of school, she was pushing this IV rack around that had a coffee pot at the top with a little thing stuck right in the vein. She’s getting it at the top of it.

AS: I can see it.

JW: Hey, we actually should probably copyright that, but anyway. So those are all… Coffee IV, I love it. Those are all great episodes. I got to tell you, there are some when I first started, that tells you how great our listeners are. I look back at one of the first episode, the very first one and I listen to that and I think, “Is that me?” I didn’t really have my voice yet but at the end of the day, two of my favorite episodes of the 99 that we’ve launched, are episode 37, where it talks about Intensity Versus Consistency, and episode 50, Living A Life With No Regrets. So, if I could combine those two into one super mega episode, I think that just makes sense that we live a life with no regrets with intensity. And the one thing is about episode 37, was helping our listeners to focus on the two types of goals that I work with each day. And those are the achievement goals and habit goals. So once you define your goals, clearly it should be empowering and create a passion in you to achieve your desired results. Now, if it’s a habit goal, your transformation should be one that others can see in their eyes, such as your mentality, your weight, your vocabulary, your actions, these are things that you changed about yourself or created habits that others can see more positively. And one of the things I love about habit goals is it makes me work harder on me. Now, Ashley, give me one of your habit goals for 2021. What would that be?

AS: Drink more water.

JW: Hey, you know, that’s a good one. So how much a day do you want to drink? What’s your goal? You got to have it quantified.

AS: So I want to do, at least, 40 ounces a day.

JW: So that’s five eight ounce glasses of water a day. Do you want to guess how much the average human in the United States, is all I have the statistic for, that drinks 40 ounces of water? Now I’m not talking about coffee or tea, but water a day. Do you know what the percentage is?

AS: Probably very low.

JW: Less than 7% folks. We do not drink water in this country. So what goal do you have as a habit goal, Lori, for 2021?

LF: Well, I do drink water. It’s just dark and brown.

AS: I drink that water to, probably too much.

LF: Okay. Well just don’t give it up because there’s something to be said. My goal for 2021 and I know it might sound a little crazy, but I really have missed mentoring in 2020. I didn’t realize how much of an impact you can have on a person’s life until you didn’t see them every day. And so, really, in 2021, praying that COVID goes away so that we can start doing more things face-to-face. I mean, I love virtual. I think virtual is a great tool. I’m so glad that we have it. I can’t imagine not having it, but really for 2021, I want to get back to mentoring. I love it and I miss it and I don’t think you realize how much you miss something until you don’t do it as often. And it can be simple and it doesn’t have to be a long-term mentorship. I think people get caught up in long-term commitments. I think you can mentor somebody in a lunch meeting or a coffee date or a class or a project that’s not a lengthy project. But then again, if that mentoring turns into something where it’s weekly or monthly or yearly and it goes for a long time, that’s even better. So, that’s my goal for 2021. So look out people, I’ve got an M in mind and I’m going to mentor you whether you want it or not.

JW: “I want to mentor…” You sound like my mother. “I’m going to mentor you young man, and you’re going to like it.”

LF: I’ve been testing it out on my 11 year old and he’s not too happy. It’s not going well.

JW: I can see the eye roll already. I can just see the eye roll coming. That’s pretty cool though. At the end of the day Lori, the mentorship issues is a big one as well to me because I sought out… About two years ago, I said, “I want to look for really talented younger people that have a vision for where we need to be going as a company.” And you two, obviously, rose to the top and we’ve added some other young professionals into that crowd. And you guys, I can’t tell you how much you actually mentor me in the way I think so that I don’t get stuck in my world of 55-year-olds. But I get stuck in your worlds of the 20s. Right. And in Lori’s cases, the mid twenties, but anyway, aren’t you still 29, Lori? Did you stop? I think you stopped.

LF: Yes. 29 forever.

JW: Yes. I thought that. So at the end of the day, I believe mentorship is a great thing. So, it doesn’t have to be a formal relationship, it just needs to be someone that you want to lift up, give a hand up not a hand out. So just give them a chance and let them see what they can do in their life. The second of my episodes, so 37, was Intensity Versus Consistency, which I think everyone would really enjoy. I really believe episode 50, Living A Life With No Regrets, that one spoke volumes to me and I listen to it two or three times. And what’s crazy folks is we write these and record them and I still get tons of benefit after the fact. Basically in episode 50, we provided new perspectives on living a life without regret. Too often, we hear about these horror stories of people on their death beds, making statements such as I wish I had blank, fill it in. I wish I had… And they have so many regrets. They didn’t spend time with family. They didn’t foster more relationships deeper. They didn’t go travel. They didn’t spend time with the outdoors, whatever. They just did not spend the time in a way they wished until they realize it’s too late. We focused on helping our subscribers and listeners to follow their own dreams, not someone else’s. Now I’m not going to embarrass anyone tonight except for Ashley and Lori. So what are your dreams, Lori? What dream do you have that you have yet to realize in your life?

LF: Oh goodness. I didn’t know I was going to get put on the spot. That’s a tough question.

JW: Hey, we bring out the best in everyone and these are hard questions, folks. So this is what the… Lori is going to ask now, as you can probably tell folks, you can’t see it because we’re audible but Ashley’s over digging out some numbers to figure out what she’s going to say.

LF: Ashley got lucky on this one. She gets to go second.

JW: I know you have dreams. You go ahead. If it’s not too personal just obviously.

LF: No. I mean, I think it is a personal dream and it’s one of mine that I don’t share a whole lot too often about it but obviously when I started this journey in this podcast, I never thought I would talk about my childhood and going back to being vulnerable. I mean, I’ve shared with listeners things that I haven’t shared with some of my closest friends. They were shocked…

JW: We’re not going to talk about your adult coloring book. I’ve already talked to you about that once. We’re not going back to that.

LF: No, no, no, no. That story was very embarrassing. I couldn’t show my face at work for a week without someone going, “Where’s your adult coloring book, Lori?” That was bad. My bad.

JW: Folks, that would be our Lori there, with her adult coloring book.

LF: Not my proudest moment. It’s all about word choice when you’re lists have listeners, when there’s no video.

JW: Or if you throw your co-host a softball like that, he’s going to hit that thing. I mean, come on.

LF: Well, it’s true. But I have a dream in my heart at some point in my life, being a foster parent. I think that’s important to me. I don’t know if it will ever come to fruition and that’s probably why it’s a dream but, I really think that it has been laid upon my heart for a long time to think about it and it’s always a possibility. So it is a dream of mine. I think there’s probably a child out there that is probably going through a similar experience and I’ve had those experiences. And to be able to give them a sense of hope and a sense of stability and love and compassion, even if it’s for a short period of time or it could be like me. I’ve been with my family who I call my forever family for over 25 years. So that’s probably my dream.

JW: Oh man, that’s very touching too. And at the end of the day… I love the fact that you’re looking at it as giving hope. And you can tell when you speak about your family, your eyes just light up and I wish you could see her folks with our eyes a light up, always talking about her family. And that goes to show you that at the end of the day, it’s not the material things in life that make up our dreams, it’s the relationships of the people we wish to be with or be around, share time with and so forth. So Ashley, give me one of your non-personal dreams, not too deep, nothing like adult coloring book or anything.

AS: I think my dream and I’ve had this one for a while. So as you know, I really love writing. I originally wanted to be a journalist and it just didn’t happen for whatever reason but I also really enjoy fiction writing and I want to write a book. I want to write a book and I want to have it published. I would like for it to be successful, but you know, and it’s weird. So I have a book that I’ve been writing and I took like five years off of it and I didn’t write on it now I went back and I basically changed a bunch of stuff. And I can’t get past chapter five. And I think I get a little bit of that imposter syndrome about it but I want to make that happen. I want to get a book out there.

JW: I’m not trying to get too nosey. I don’t want you to divulge too much from the big splash when you do bring your book out but does chapter five of anything to do with when you met me? Is it just me blockading everything about your future at this point? Is that what you’re trying to say? “The day I met Jimmy”, there’s nothing else to write folks.

LF: That’s a whole, that’s a whole other book she’s going to have to write.

JW: That’s probably a series. That’s a series. If J.K. Rowling had met me, man, where would she be today? I couldn’t really help her out, that poor lady. That’s a great dream though, but you know what, that could actually be turned into a goal. And this is where I’m going with this. Each of you actually said dreams. Sometimes we think dreams are, and don’t laugh, I am a huge Disney fan. To me, the dream is Prince Charming and Cinderella, if I got those two right, I don’t know, my kids tell me I don’t get them right, I mix them up. But anyway, if they were in that castle where we’ve had dinner and I sat there and thought, “How does this man from small town America, that was the youngest of six kids that had far, maybe too many people, sometimes not enough money to go around, how in the world did I end up having dinner at Cinderella’s castle.” I even went as far as I took a picture. Both of you have you been to Disney world, right? And I took a picture of that castle and I had Dina and my face in the picture of the side. And I said, “We decided to go ahead and buy a second home, Cinderella’s castle.” And some people thought, “Oh, you’re moving to Florida.” They read totally into that and I was of course, being jocular and trying to be funny about it. But my point is that, that could be a goal for each of you. So I’m going to empower both of you to think about it this way, just take the next step, whatever that is, to get the next step rolling and then it’ll be the next step and the next step. And the biggest problem I have sometimes as Ashley knows for sure, I’m an 80% man. And what I mean by that is I get things started and I have to give them to Ashley that carry the football into the end zone. She finishes everything. I just get things started. So I may have to write a part of your chapter to get you moving on chapter five and say stuff like use a lot of adjectives like, “Jimmy was outstanding, the finest man I’d ever met in my life and career.” Something like that, maybe that would help move, but no, she’s laughing. Okay.

JW: But anyway, one of my dreams as you’re going to laugh, one of my dreams is to utilize every page of my passport in about two months on a world trip. I just want to take the entire eight weeks and travel to 50, 60 countries. You got to knock a lot of map of Europe, of course, I want to be in Australia and go talk to some of our listeners. I want to be in New Zealand. I want to go to Fiji, I’ve got friends there in Fiji. So I’ve been a member of the International Association of Lions Clubs, which we have thousands and thousands of clubs all over the planet. And I have met a lot of people, in person as well as online, that are from those countries and they all have great stories. And I thought, “how cool would it be to just go visit them and keep my journal up to date and then come back and write about my experience and what I gained from it.” So those should be goals to us, right? So dreams are those things that are out of touch. I think you guys have goals. They’re just a little higher than what you can reach right now. So that next step, next action is, to get that next rung on the ladder, get those things done. I am proud of both of you. That’s awesome. So I’ve got a question for you. If we’re focused on helping our listeners follow their own dreams, what dreams are you following today? If you aren’t focusing on realizing your dreams, what can you do to start moving yourself in the direction you wish? Sometimes we’re just like an ark versus a boat. Now, many of you remember the story of Noah’s ark. An ark does not have a rudder. It is effortlessly being thrown about by whichever way the wind and the waves may take it. You are not an ark. You and your body, your person, your mindset, your beliefs, your emotions, these things are rudders.

JW: That means you can control them. It’s like Lori said, you have to participate actively in what it is you want or you get blown in any direction that the noise will take you. This last year has not been easy for any of our team. These women have been through a very difficult year, as my co-hosts on this podcast will tell you, this has not been easy but you have to some point, pick it up and say, “I’m not going to just go the way of letting this COVID-19 take over my life. I’ve got to find something I can embrace something I can move forward with. If I have to make a new mission and I can’t do the one I previously wanted, great, but at least we move forward.” That’s what Live A Life By Design is all about. So I got a challenge for you, Ashley and Laurie, as well as all of our listeners this week. The challenge this week is for our listeners and you to forward us an email at info@livealifeby.design. Then, tell us any challenges that you’re facing and we will discreetly address them on a future episode. That’s our commitment to our listeners. There is nothing out of bounds. We will be discreet, no names of course will be used but we will look at whatever challenges you’re facing that we’ve not addressed in an episode up to this 100th episode. And we’ll be glad to address that with solutions for you, strategies, hacks, whatever it takes to help you overcome that challenge. And also, go join our Facebook community for Live A Life By Design and receive special benefits that will help you live the life you desire and deserve. We’re going to be more robust in what we post there. We’re going to have some deliverables for you. You might even win a prize if you go and like the page and then share it. So thank you for listening and we sincerely appreciate all of our listeners but I want to do one thing differently today. I want to give Ashley and Lori the last word. Anything you’d like to leave, any phrase of positivity for our listeners, what would that be Ashley?

AS: Well, I feel very on the spot. I wasn’t prepared. Drawing from the first episode that I talked about, episode 56, you said, Personal Vision Statement. So I thought, what would my Personal Vision Statement be? And I think that’s get up, go out, and be awesome.

JW: Ooh, I like that. Well, I tell you what folks, she’s already met her vision statement because I get to work with her. She’s awesome all the time. So Lori, I want one of your goals to be, to put aside the adult coloring book and go out and live life. Don’t play with fringes of coloring, go out and take life by itself and just go out there with… No, I’m just kidding. So how about you?

LF: I’m going to try to put down the adult coloring book. It really did help get me through 2020, I’m not going to lie. There were nights when you can’t sleep and the weight of the world is on your shoulder and you turn to the adult coloring book.

JW: I was wondering where you were going. Man, this is a family show as I’ve reminded you many times.

LF: I promise, its a G-rated. I think we actually talked about this in my favorite episode of the podcast, about being vulnerable and one of my favorite things and I say it quite often and I live by it and I love it and I would encourage people, grow through what you go through.

JW: That is good advice. Folks, thank you so much for listening to this. On behalf of Ashley, Lori and myself, we couldn’t ask for better listeners for the thousands of you that download an episode each month. We certainly appreciate you more than we can express. At the end of the day, do us one more small favor, go out and live your life by your design.

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