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Opportunity or Tragedy?

The world has become a tenuous planet over the past couple of years. Many people have been impacted, some positively and many negatively. How do you think a person can become positively affected by such trauma and chaos in the world? First, the maintenance of attitude.  Negative people only seek ratification of their advice by […]

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The Millennial Perspective: The Sustainable Lifestyle

In recent years the idea of being eco-friendly and sustainable has grown more popular in many areas of life. A lot of Millennials and Gen Z, who have spearheaded this movement, strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle to create a better world for the future generations. When many people think of eco-friendly, recycling is […]

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Why Your Loan Interest Rate Is Going Up

If you have attempted to purchase a new car, new home or pay on your credit cards, you may notice the interest rates being charged you are higher than you experienced earlier this summer. Inflation has been a tremendous force on the budge of families in the United States in the past year. Currently, the […]


Why and When to Re-balance Your Portfolio

The world has become disruptive in the past couple of years. Rampant inflation in the economy and rising interest rates are causing many Americans to wonder if retirement is in their future. ​One rule I live by is “never make lifetime decisions based on short-term factors.”  Let us assume you are 60 years of age and wanting to retire […]

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How To Remain Prudent During Market Cycles

What goes up must come down! Whoever authored this statement of life events and business activities should receive the award for the Most Obvious Statement. However inane the statement, it does contain a little truth when applied to our current economic cycle in the United States. Factors such as inflation, supply chain disruption, interest rate […]

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The Most Valuable Investment — Family

Tomorrow, we celebrate mothers. If there is one person on the planet that plays the most critical role in our life it is our mother. The congratulatory comments I share with my mother when an honor has been awarded me, or I am recognized in any manner, is that I owe Mom an indeterminable amount […]

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Work to Live, Not Live to Work

According to NC State University, the Gen Z motto is “Work to live, not live to work”. As we get older, we are taught that your job should be your number one responsibility, but why? If you work a full-time job, you work around 40 hours a week and 8 to 10 hours per day. […]

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Balance In All Things Is Success

You may have heard that life is a marathon and not a sprint. That statement is particularly true when it comes to saving for your future. Many people have found themselves ensnared in debt and living beyond their means to the point it requires them to continue their career longer than desired. Like any good […]

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Staying Focused is the Key

Ask any all-star athlete the secret to their success and they will tell you – focus. This past weekend at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, Tiger Woods initiated his triumphant return to professional golf. During his post-round interview after he finished the tournament, Woods used the word “focus” several times to describe to the interviewer […]

Know Where You Will Land Before You Jump

What if you purchased an investment that the insurance salesman informed you would give you annual payments for your lifetime? What if you were 83 years of age? The reasons for the preceding questions are due to the factual case of a client that came to our office. One of our retiree clients began asking […]